Alabama’s Hunting Season: When Does it Officially End?


Are you an avid hunter in Alabama? Then, it’s essential to know when the hunting season comes to a close. The last day of hunting season in Alabama varies depending on the type of game being hunted.

The Last Day for Deer Hunting

The last day for deer hunting in Alabama is January 31st. This deadline applies to all types of firearms used for deer hunting, including rifles and shotguns. However, if you’re into bow-hunting, the end date extends until February 10th.

The Last Day for Small Game Hunting

If rabbit or squirrel are your small-game targets, then you have a little more time. The last day of small-game hunting season in Alabama is February 28th. Make sure you read up on regulations and double-check which type of animals can legally be hunted during this period so that you don’t get into trouble with law enforcement.

A Few Reminders Before You Head Out To Hunt

We can’t emphasize enough how critical safety is when going out to hunt! Be prepared with the right equipment – pack warm clothing if necessary and ensure your firearm or other tools are clean and functioning correctly before leaving home.

Also, remember that different counties may have their regulations regarding bag limits or other rules specific to their location; always check these before embarking on a hunt.

In conclusion, whether it’s big game like deer or smaller species such as rabbit or squirrel that interests you, knowing when they’re still available to be hunted is crucial information every hunter should know. Plan accordingly and stay safe while enjoying this fantastic sport!