Georgia Hunting Season: Don’t Miss the Last Day!


Hunting is an exciting activity that many people enjoy in Georgia. However, it’s essential to know when hunting season ends in your state, as the dates vary depending on what you’re hunting and where you are. In this blog post, we’ll answer the question of when is the last day of hunting season in Georgia.

Hunting Seasons in Georgia

The state of Georgia offers various game animals for hunters to pursue throughout the year. The official hunting seasons’ dates are determined by the Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division. The department publishes a guide each year with all relevant information about bag limits and other regulations. It’s important to check these guides before heading out into nature as timing varies between species.

Last Day of Hunting Season

In general, most deer-hunting seasons close at different times throughout January 2021. Small game such as quail or rabbit can be hunted until February 28th, while turkey season spans March till May 15th.

It should also be noted that there may be specific county ordinances or rules regarding hunting season closings that differ from statewide regulations; make sure to consult local authorities before planning any hunts during those periods mentioned above.

License Requirements

Before going out for a hunt one needs a valid license from Wildlife Resources Division approved vendors or online portals like . To legally participate in hunting activities within Georgia State boundaries requires additional permits based on what type/size animal being pursued: Deer harvest record tags and quota hunt applications for some public land areas require additional documentation.

With this knowledge at hand makes planning your next trip much easier! Whether it’s deer stalking through forests or upland bird shooting along fields – knowing when each specific species opens/closes allows hunters adequate time beforehand preparation-wise so they can fully enjoy their adventure without worrying about breaking any laws.