Unlock Your Inner Hunter: Turkey Hunting Season in Minnesota


Are you an avid hunter looking to bag a turkey this season? If you’re in Minnesota, then it’s important to know when the hunting season starts. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything that you need to know about turkey hunting season in Minnesota.

When is Turkey Hunting Season?

The spring turkey hunting season usually begins in mid-April and runs until May 31st. However, each location may have specific dates for the opening and closing of the hunting seasons. It’s essential to check with your local wildlife agency or game warden for exact dates as they may vary according to region.

Licenses and Permits

To hunt turkeys legally in Minnesota, hunters must first purchase a valid license from any authorized retailer such as a sporting goods store or online through the Department of Natural Resources website. Once you’ve obtained your license, make sure also to acquire permits necessary depending on where you want to hunt because different types of lands require various licenses.

Hunting Regulations

Hunters should always be mindful of regulations regarding their methods of taking down a turkey during the hunting season in Minnesota. For instance, only shotguns loaded with No. 4-7 size shot may be used while bowhunters are required by law always carry a valid archery stamp along with their regular permit.

Make sure also not exceed daily limits and tagging requirements set out by authorities so that there will be plenty more birds available for future years!


Now that you’re aware of all necessary information about turkey-hunting-seasons-in-Minnesota get ready for some exciting adventure soon! Take note though before heading out into nature remember always practice safe handling weapons around other people including yourself too so everyone enjoys what Mother Nature has gifted us without incident happening due negligence towards one another safety.