Train Your Dog to Hunt by Scent: A Guide for Unleashing Their Natural Instincts


Dogs are considered man’s best friend, not just because they make great companions, but also because of their varied capabilities. One such impressive ability is a dog’s sense of smell. They have been used for centuries to hunt, track and detect objects by scent. In this article, we will discuss a specific type of hunting technique – dogs that hunt using their sense of smell.

The breed

Not all dog breeds are capable of hunting using scents alone. A few examples include Beagles, Bloodhounds and Basset Hounds – these breeds rely heavily on their keen sense of smell when tracking prey. These dogs possess up to 300 million scent receptors in their noses which allow them to pick up even the faintest smells in the air.


Training a dog for scent-based hunting requires patience and dedication from both the owner and the animal itself. It begins with basic obedience training so that commands can be given effectively in any situation while out on a hunt. Once your pup has mastered obedience training, you can begin to introduce them to different scents like deer or rabbits through positive reinforcement techniques such as treats or praise.


When it comes to actually going out into the field with your pup, there are several techniques that hunters use depending on what they’re looking for and how skilled their dog is at following scents. For example, blood trailing involves teaching your pup how to follow specific traces left behind by wounded game animals while grid searching involves dividing an area into equal sections and allowing your dog to search each one until they find what you’re looking for.


Dogs that hunt by scent provide owners with an unparalleled experience when it comes time for outdoor excursions such as hiking or camping trips accompanied by furry friends who double as highly-skilled hunting companions. The bond that forms between owner and dog during the training and hunt is something that cannot be replicated elsewhere, making it a unique and rewarding activity for all parties involved. If you’re interested in exploring scent-based hunting with your pup, make sure to research thoroughly before beginning any training to ensure the safety of both yourself and your furry friend.