Getting the Most of Out Hunting Products

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Bipod shooting sticks are excellent for use in a crouched posture, or even bench shooting positions. It is possible to easily adjust the height of these types of bipods rather than the monopods. Furthermore, these bipods will offer superior stableness than the monopod sticks. Some of the negatives with this model will be that an individual may need to adjust the supports appropriately if you work with it on sloping […]

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Tips for Deer Hunting with a Decoy

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Here are some tips for deer hunting with a decoy that hunters can use to make their hunts more productive. While commercially made deer decoys are a relatively new product, hunters have been using decoys of one sort or  another far back into history. The following tips can be used with a wide range of decoys to make their use even more productive. Keep Human Scent Away Deer are very curious […]

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5 Low Recoil Deer Hunting Cartridges

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Here are five low recoil cartridges that are effective deer hunting rounds that will fill the freezer without breaking your shoulder. Though there are scores of cartridges that can fall into the low recoil class for  deer hunting, these five rounds are popular cartridges that can be found in a variety of hunting rifles. All five of these cartridges are currently offered in one of the number of H&R Handi-Rifle as […]

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Hunting Safety

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Welcome to our hunting safety web page, where our main goal is to educate you on hunting safety. You should also review state government ran websites regarding hunting in that state. Safety when hunting is extremely important for you and your fellow hunters. Remember, each state has their own requirements on how much orange you need to wear in your outfit. This is designed to help other hunters see you […]

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Bow Hunting Tips

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The term bow hunting, at times also spelled as ‘bowhunting’, refers to the practice of hunting game animals by archery, i.e. using bow and arrow. Bows have been used for hunting animals, since thousands of years. Initially, hunting was an important source of food, but today, it has become more of a sport, than a means to get food. Even though various weapons used for hunting have changed, use of […]

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Bow and Arrow History

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“And Jehu drew a bow with his full strength, and smote Jehoram between his arms, and the arrow went out at his heart, and he sunk down in his chariot.” ~ 2 Kings 9:24, The Bible. From being Cupid, the Roman love god’s favorite weapon with which he shot love arrows to make people fall in love, to Arjuna’s fatally potent arm in the epic tale of Mahabharata, to the multiple […]

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How to Make Wooden Bow and Arrows

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Once considered as a weapon of choice for everyone, from the Native Americans to the Mughal armies, a bow has been an elegant weapon that has served mankind since ages. Cupid, the god of love and the legendary hero Robin Hood have also used a bow and arrow. On the lighter side, it could be handy, when one is lost on an island or in a forest. This is the easiest weapon to make […]

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Long Range Shooting Tips

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Action without thought is like shooting without aim.” From this quote let’s forget about action and concentrate on shooting. Has it happened that you have aimed for something while you went hunting which is at a considerable distance and your aim faltered? Initially I am sure it must have happened, right? Then to improve your aim, I am sure that you might have got some good long range shooting tips from some […]

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Wild Turkey Bow Hunting

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If you are looking for an adventurous hunting experience or you are fed up of hunting with your gun, then bow hunting is probably a good option for you. Bow hunting a turkey offers the excitement, thrill and adventure of hunting. You must remember that bow hunting a turkey is altogether different from bow hunting an elk, a pig or a whitetail. You can acquire the skill of bow hunting with a […]

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Turkey Hunting Equipment

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Turkey hunting is a renowned sport in the United States of America, involving the capture or killing of a wild turkey. Turkey hunting was a common practice among the native Americans, long before the Europeans set foot on American soil. A wild turkey is one of two turkey species native to the continent of North America. This bird became a major attraction for hunters since the last century, when its population […]

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