Beginner’s Guide to Quail Hunting

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Quail hunting is an enjoyable pastime for people of all ages. Like other aspects of hunting, it takes time and practice to perfect the hunt of the quail. Several species range from button quail, hemipode, american quail, northern bobwhite, and the California quail. They all have their own distinctive traits that make them great for gaming. Have you ever thought about going quail hunting but never knew just quite how to […]

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Tactics and Advice for Deer Hunting in the Rain

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Though it isn’t a lot of fun, deer hunting in the rain can be productive. With many hunters have very limited time available to hunt, they must hit the woods when they can, regardless of the weather. However, by being prepared and planning ahead, hunters can make even the most miserably rainy day productive. Watch the Forecast Deer hunters need to know how much rain is expected to determine a hunting strategy. […]

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Tips for Finding Shed Antlers

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Here are some tips on finding shed antlers. Hunting for antlers that deer have shed can be a frustrating experience. At times it seems easy to find shed and at other times they seem to be impossible to locate no matter how hard you hunt for them. I like to add shed antler hunting to my late season rabbit and grouse hunting trips so that I have more chances of […]

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10 Tips for Better Grouse Hunting

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Grouse hunting is a sport that seems to have fallen in popularity, and that is quite a shame. Few moments in hunting can compare with the helicopter like the thundering beat of a grouse’s wings firing into the sky seemingly from under the hunter’s foot. While grouse aren’t as common as they once were (and therefore, hunters should limit how many they take) they still exist in huntable numbers and […]

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Use These Rabbit Hunting Tips for More Productive Hunting

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Here are some rabbit hunting tips that you can use to make your hunting trips more productive. While any shotgun choke can work, using a modified or improved choke improves your chances of being able to connect on the fast moving and erratic running rabbit. Many rabbit hunters swear by their pumps and autoloaders, but in rough terrain and especially hunting without dogs, a light and short single shot shotgun […]

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Goose Hunting Tips

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Geese are a very popular game target for hunters. These birds normally travel in flocks. Since these birds often fly in big flocks, it can become very difficult for the hunter to hunt them down. There are a number of factors, which have a role to play in hunting geese. You can make use of the following goose hunting tips and hunt a fowl and prove, that you are indeed a hunter. […]

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Boar Hunting Tips

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Those who have hunted hogs would know the adrenaline rush that this sport of great antiquity provides. There is evidence of ancient Greeks and the Romans engaging in boar hunting. Although for Greeks, the boar symbolized the end of life and hence boar hunting had some symbolic meaning; for Romans, it was a simple pastime. A favorite of the nobility of Europe for centuries, boar hunting is very popular in […]

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Hog Hunting Tips

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Wild hog hunting is one of the most dangerous and exciting ones of all hunting expeditions. With hogs being a large nuisance to farmers in the south, their private properties are open for hog hunting. The most fertile grounds for hog hunting are in the States of North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, California and Mississippi, in USA. Hogs, also known as ‘Feral pigs’ make for some challenging game, and hunting […]

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Deer Hunting Tips

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For many, deer hunting is a ballgame, more than an obsession. It is taken up widely in the United States, along with the few other places in the world. There are many deer hunting clubs out that who go on deer hunting trips occasionally. Many new members join the club, people get to know more about the hunting tactics, latest hunting gear, deer hunting tips, et al. If you’re one of them, […]

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