Hunting Dogs: Are Basset Hounds the Right Choice?


Basset hounds are known for their cute droopy ears, affectionate personality, and love for food. They have become popular among pet lovers, but many people still wonder if they are hunting dogs. In this blog post, we will find out the answer to that question.

Breed History

The basset hound was originally bred in France as a scent hound to hunt small game like rabbits and hare. Their sense of smell is so keen that they can follow a trail even after it has gone cold. The breed’s short stature makes them ideal for hunting in dense brush and thickets where other larger breeds may struggle to fit through.

Hunting Abilities

Bassets are slow-moving dogs with immense stamina- they can keep going for hours on end without getting tired! Once they pick up the scent of their prey, their instincts take over and they follow the trail relentlessly until they catch it. They can also work well in packs with other bassets or similar breeds.

Pet Life vs Hunting Life

While basset hounds excel at hunting due to their natural abilities and traits, this does not mean that all owners use them solely for this purpose anymore. Many bassets now lead comfortable lives as family pets instead of working animals- although some still enjoy participating in hunting trials or other activities that allow them to use their skills while enjoying time with their human companions.


In conclusion- yes! Basset hounds were originally bred as hunting dogs due to their incredible sense of smell and suitability for tracking small game through dense terrain. Although many no longer work in this capacity today due to changing attitudes towards animal welfare, those who seek an active lifestyle cohabiting with these wonderful dogs could explore various dog sports such as tracking or nosework which provide opportunities & training to hone their hunting instincts.