Are Blue Heelers Good Hunting Dogs? The Pros and Cons Explained


When it comes to hunting dogs, there are many breeds that come to mind. From retrievers to hounds, the options may seem endless. However, one breed that often gets overlooked is the blue heeler. But are they good hunting dogs? Let’s explore.

Breed Characteristics

The blue heeler, also known as the Australian cattle dog, was originally bred for herding cattle in harsh environments. They’re known for their intelligence and agility which makes them great working dogs. While they weren’t specifically bred for hunting purposes like some other breeds, their natural instincts make them excellent trackers.

Hunting Abilities

While blue heelers haven’t been traditionally used as hunting dogs, many owners have found success using them in this capacity. Their high energy levels and strong work ethic mean they won’t tire easily during long hunts. Additionally, their natural instincts make them skilled at tracking and retrieving prey.

Training & Socialization

Like any other type of dog training or socialization is crucial when it comes to ensuring your blue heeler can become a successful hunting companion. Early exposure to different environments and experiences will help develop their skills further while building trust with you as their owner/handler.

The Bottom Line

Overall while Blue Heelers may not be a “traditional” choice for a hunter looking for a new companion – given proper training & socialization these hard-working pups can be an excellent option out in the field! With loyal personalities combined with tracking abilities suited towards smaller game (rabbits/squirrels), don’t let anyone tell you these pups cant keep up on those long days spent outdoors!