Cavaliers: A Guide to Whether These Dogs are Hunting-Ready


When it comes to hunting dogs, there are a variety of breeds that come to mind. From pointers and retrievers to hounds and terriers, each breed has unique traits that make them well-suited for specific types of hunting. But what about cavaliers? Are these beloved lap dogs also capable hunters?

Hunting Abilities

While cavaliers were not originally bred for hunting purposes, they do have some natural instincts that could potentially make them decent hunters. With their keen sense of smell and affectionate personalities, they may be able to track down small game like rabbits or squirrels with proper training.

However, it’s important to note that cavaliers are not typically used as hunting dogs in modern times. Their friendly nature and lack of aggression may work against them in the field when compared to more specialized breeds.

Cavalier Characteristics

Cavaliers were originally bred as companion dogs for royalty in England during the 17th century. They’re known for their loving personalities and playful demeanor – qualities that don’t necessarily align with those needed for successful hunting.

Their gentle nature makes them great family pets but might prevent them from being effective hunters who need a certain level of independence and determination.


In short, while cavaliers have some natural abilities that could lend themselves towards becoming decent hunters given proper training – they aren’t typically used as such due to their gentle nature which may impede effectiveness in the field when compared against other specialized breeds built specifically for this purpose.

So ultimately if you’re looking at getting into the sport then another breed would be better suited. However if you already own a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel then maybe give it a go just remember patience is key!