Corgis: Unveiling the Hunting Instincts of These Lovable Dogs


Corgis are an adorable breed that has become increasingly popular among pet lovers in recent years. They are famous for their short legs, pointy ears, and playful personality. However, there is a debate about whether corgis are hunting dogs or not. In this blog post, we’ll explore this topic to determine the truth behind it.

Their History as Hunting Dogs

Corgis were initially bred in Wales as working dogs with many purposes besides hunting. Their primary job was to herd livestock and guard their owner’s property. However, they were also used for tracking down small prey such as rats and rabbits on farms and local communities.

Are Corgis Still Used for Hunting?

Although corgis have a history of being hunting dogs, it’s rare to find them used exclusively for this purpose today. Modern-day corgi owners mostly keep them as pets due to their friendly nature rather than using them as working animals only.

Crossbreeding Corgis with Other Breeds

In some cases, people crossbreed corgis with other breeds like terriers or spaniels to create hybrid pups specifically designed for hunting activities. These hybrids may inherit more robust instincts suited for tracking game animals.


So overall, while corgies can be considered “versatile” breeds that historically possess some characteristics of a hunting dog – nowadays you’re unlikely to see one purely kept only by hunters! They will make great companions who will no doubt get along well with everyone around – children included!