Missouri Felons: Can You Bow Hunt? A Guide to Hunting Laws in the Show Me State


The topic of felons bow hunting in Missouri is a controversial subject. Bow hunting is an activity that many people enjoy, but for those with a criminal record, it can be challenging to participate.

Understanding the Law

In Missouri, there are specific laws regarding felons’ ability to hunt with firearms or bows and arrows. Under Missouri law, convicted felons cannot legally possess firearms or ammunition. However, they can still participate in some types of hunting if they meet certain requirements.

Felon’s Eligibility for Bow Hunting

Felons who wish to engage in bow hunting must obtain written permission from their probation or parole officer before doing so. The permission must be obtained each time they go out to hunt because the authorization does not carry over from one season or year to the next.

Additionally, if a felon has been convicted of certain crimes such as violent offenses involving weapons or animals’ abuse, he/she may not qualify for permission despite having completed his/her sentence.

Consequences of Breaking Hunting Laws

It’s essential to understand that breaking any hunting laws could result in being charged with additional crimes on top of violating terms of probation/parole which could lead back into jail time and losing your right to own guns permanently even after you complete your sentence.

As always, it’s best practice for anyone planning on participating in any form – whether it be fishing/hunting/camping/outdoor activities – should first check local regulations and consult with professionals/experts when unsure about what rules apply specifically within one state/region (especially when dealing with legal matters).


In conclusion: Yes! A felon can bow hunt in Missouri under specific circumstances. However, before partaking in this activity – potential hunters should review all applicable federal/state/local regulations & procedures governing conduct while participating within each specific activity to stay legal and safe.