Can a Felon Bow Hunt? Navigating the Legalities


As a convicted felon, many people may assume that your rights to own and use firearms are completely revoked. However, this is not entirely true. Depending on the state you reside in and the type of felony conviction you received, there may be some ways for you to exercise your rights as an avid hunter.

The Law Around Felons Owning Firearms

While it’s clear that felons are banned from owning firearms under federal law, states have their laws regarding firearm ownership for felons. Some states allow felons to hunt with bows or muzzleloaders while others don’t permit any form of hunting if they’re under certain criminal convictions.

Bow Hunting: A Possible Solution?

Bow hunting could potentially be a solution for convicted felons who want to continue hunting but are prohibited from using guns. Bow hunting requires skill as well as patience and can even offer more satisfaction than traditional gun hunting due to its challenging nature. Additionally, bow hunters tend to get closer with the target before taking their shot compared
to other forms which increases accuracy.


Convicted felons face various limitations in life after serving their time in prison; however, bow-hunting can still remain an option depending on where one lives and what type of criminal record they possess. It’s important first to understand whether it’s legal within one’s state before going ahead with purchasing equipment or planning out hunts.
Finally, always ensure compliance with regulations by consulting reliable sources such as local law enforcement agencies when possible just so that we keep our community safe at large!