Can a Felon Get a Hunting License in Texas? A Guide to the Rules and Regulations


When it comes to hunting, there are many requirements that one needs to fulfill before obtaining a license. For instance, anyone convicted of certain crimes may be deemed ineligible for a hunting license in Texas. But what happens if you have a criminal record? Does this mean you can never get a hunting permit again? In this blog post, we will explore whether felons can obtain a hunting license in Texas.

Texas Hunting Laws Regarding Felons

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), any person who has been convicted of specific offenses is not eligible for obtaining or renewing their hunting licenses. These offenses include felony convictions under state or federal law involving drugs or violence against people or animals, amongst others. While TPWD recognizes those who have served their sentences and allow them other rights including voting and gun ownership after completing parole/ probation & 5 years since completion of their sentence; the same does not apply when it comes to obtaining a legal hunting permit.

The Process for Applying as A Felon

If you want to try and obtain a hunter’s license despite your past conviction(s), under certain circumstances, TPWD may consider granting an exemption that allows felons with non-violent records an opportunity at applying; however this isn’t suggested by any means without consulting first with an experienced attorney due to its complexity and high denial rates.
It’s important also to note that just because TPWD “may” grant permission doesn’t mean they will automatically approve every application received from felons seeking exemption opportunities so please take extra caution before proceeding down this path.


In summary; Texas laws regarding felonies make it very hard for ex-convicts with violent crime history against animals/people/drugs etc., from getting proper licensing needed for sporting activities like fishing/hunting within State borders. Furthermore although there may be some limited exemptions granted, it’s always a recommendable idea to consult with an expert attorney before attempting to apply for such permits as often times these applications are denied. It is important to follow the guidelines and laws set by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in order to ensure that we respect the hunting rights of our fellow citizens while also ensuring public safety.