Bow Hunting During Rifle Season in Missouri: Rules and Tips


Missouri is known for its abundant wildlife and hunting opportunities. One of the most popular activities in Missouri is bow hunting, which attracts hunters from all over the country. However, many people wonder if they can bow hunt during rifle season in Missouri.

Bow Hunting Regulations in Missouri

According to Missouri’s Department of Conservation, bow hunting is allowed during rifle season as long as hunters follow specific regulations. Hunters are required to wear hunter orange or pink while in the woods during firearms deer seasons (except when they are actively archery or turkey hunting). Additionally, it’s important to note that a firearm cannot be carried while engaged in archery-only deer hunting.

Rifle Season Regulations

Rifle season typically takes place from mid-November to mid-December each year and allows hunters to use firearms to take down game animals such as deer and turkeys. During this time, it’s important for hunters to adhere strictly to state regulations that ensure their safety and minimize any impact on local wildlife populations.

Safety Precautions When Bow Hunting During Rifle Season

Hunting with a bow requires more skill than using a firearm because you need to get closer to your target without being detected by other animals or hunters. This means practicing patience and stealth when moving through dense forests or brushy areas where game may be hiding out. Additionally, it’s essential always keep your distance from other hunters who may be engaged in different forms of hunting activities nearby.


Bow hunting during rifle season is allowed under certain conditions provided by State Law Enforcement Agencies like wearing hunter orange when outside active archery range . By adhering strictly legal guidelines outlined by agencies responsible for regulating these activities helps maintain healthy populations of wildlife species within our ecosystem while ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience participating into outdoor sportsmanship events available around us.