Bow Hunting in Illinois: Do’s and Don’ts During Shotgun Season


Illinois is a state known for its diverse wildlife, beautiful scenery, and hunting opportunities. One of the most popular activities among hunters in Illinois is bow hunting. However, many people often wonder whether they can hunt with a bow during the shotgun season in Illinois.

The Law on Bow Hunting During Shotgun Season in Illinois

According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), it is legal to use a bow during shotgun season for deer hunting. The IDNR states that archery equipment may be used during any firearm season if you have a valid firearm deer permit. However, it is important to note that using firearms during an archery-only period remains illegal.

Tips for Bow Hunting During Shotgun Season in Illinois

Bow hunting requires patience, precision and skill. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your experience when bow hunting during shotgun season:

1) Make sure your arrows comply with regulations: Ensure that your arrows meet requirements set by the IDNR such as minimum length (18 inches) and weight (300 grains).

2) Scout your location ahead of time: Take time to scout potential locations where you plan on setting up before opening day so that you know what kind of terrain or environment you will be dealing with.

3) Be mindful of safety: Always keep safety at top-of-mind regardless if using firearms or bows; wear orange clothing while moving through wooded areas and place yourself into position carefully without disturbing other hunters who may also be nearby.

4) Get familiar with local laws: Make sure you’re aware of any local regulations relevant to where and how long after dark or before sunrise animals can legally be hunted


In conclusion, it’s legal to use a bow during shotgun season provided certain conditions are met regarding permits and compliance with laws related to equipment type etc.. If you’re planning on bow hunting during shotgun season in Illinois, make sure you do your research and follow all laws and regulations to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience. Happy hunting!