Mastering Duck Hunt: How to Control the Ducks in the Classic NES Game


If you are a fan of classic video games, then chances are that you have played or at least heard about the iconic game called Duck Hunt. This game was first released in 1984 and became an instant hit among gamers all around the world. In this shooting game, players had to shoot down ducks flying across their television screens using a special light gun controller. However, many people often wonder if it is possible to control the ducks in duck hunt.

The Ducks in Duck Hunt

In Duck Hunt, there are two types of ducks: one with brown feathers that fly slowly across the screen and another with green feathers that move much faster. Players must shoot down a certain number of ducks within a given time frame to progress through each round. While players can aim and shoot at these birds, they cannot control their flight path or movements in any way.

The Gun Controller

The gun controller used for playing Duck Hunt was known as the NES Zapper. It was designed to look like a real handgun but did not actually fire bullets; instead, it relied on photo sensors inside the console to register hits when pointed at specific areas on the TV screen where targets were located. The button on top of the Zapper allowed players to pull its trigger, which would cause an image of gunfire onscreen whenever fired.

Frustrating Moments

Despite being an enjoyable game for many people back then and even now since it’s available virtually online today , there were times when controlling those pesky birds could get frustratingly difficult because they would always fly out of range before you had time enough time point your firearm towards them correctly!


In conclusion, while playing Duck Hunt can be great fun especially when one wants some retro nostalgia moments from arcade gaming , controlling those winged creatures never comes into play. The ducks always move of their own accord, and the only thing players can do is to shoot them down before time runs out! Nevertheless, Duck Hunt remains a timeless classic in video game history and still holds up today as an enjoyable shooting game that never gets old.