Deer Hunting with a Shotgun: What You Need to Know for Success

Yes, You Can: Deer Hunting with a Shotgun

When it comes to hunting deer, most people think of using a rifle. However, hunting with a shotgun is also very possible and can be quite effective as well. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering using a shotgun for your next deer hunt.

The Right Shotgun

The first thing you need to determine when deciding to hunt deer with a shotgun is the type of shotgun you should use. A 12-gauge pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun is usually the best choice because of its power and versatility. Make sure that your selected firearm has an adequate barrel length (minimum 20 inches) so as not to break any regulations.

Choosing the Right Ammunition

Once you’ve picked out your ideal firearm, it’s time to decide on the appropriate ammunition. Slug rounds are typically used for big game such as deer because they offer accuracy at longer ranges than buckshot or birdshot shells provide – which have pellets that spread quickly over short distances. Shotguns typically fire projectiles made from lead but nowadays there may be alternative options available depending on where you live.

Aiming Matters!

It goes without saying that aiming matters no matter what type of weapon we choose during our hunts – but this especially applies when using shotguns since their accuracy range isn’t as extensive compared to rifles. To maintain precision while shooting slugs try putting ghost ring sights or other proper sighting systems on your gun before heading out into the field


In conclusion, hunting deer with shotguns can be just as enjoyable and successful as with rifles – given enough practice and knowledge about their unique characteristics.. The right equipment paired up along with proper aiming techniques will put any hunter in good standing when going after these beautiful creatures come hunting season!