Hunting Season: Can You Feed Deer Safely?


You might be wondering if it is safe and legal to feed deer during hunting season. Feeding wild animals has always been a controversial issue, and it’s important to understand the potential consequences of feeding deer before making any decisions.

The Risks of Feeding Deer During Hunting Season

While feeding deer may seem like a kind gesture, doing so during hunting season can have serious consequences for both you and the animals. First and foremost, feeding wild animals can create an unnatural concentration of wildlife in one location which attracts predators such as coyotes. This puts both humans and deer at risk since coyotes are known to attack pets as well as children who wander too close to their territory.

Legal Implications

In some states, it is prohibited by law to feed wildlife during certain times of the year – including hunting seasons. Violating these regulations could lead to hefty fines or even criminal charges in extreme cases. Additionally, feeding wildlife also creates nuisance problems such as excessive droppings or damage caused by overgrazing on local vegetation.

Better Alternatives

Rather than risking harm by feeding wild animals during hunting season, there are other ways that you can help them survive through winter months when natural food sources are scarce. Planting native shrubs or trees with edible fruits like crabapples is one way that you can provide food for deer without causing any harm or attracting predators into residential areas.

In conclusion, while we all have good intentions when trying to help out our furry friends in need – particularly during cold winter months where their resources become scarce – safety should always be at the forefront of our minds; not only for ourselves but also for those around us – including other species!