Texas Hog Hunting at Night: Can You Do It and Stay Safe?


Texas is known for its vast landscape, cowboys, and wildlife. Among the many hunting activities that Texans love to indulge themselves in is hog hunting. However, there has been some confusion surrounding whether one can conduct hog hunting at night in Texas or not. In this article, we are going to explore all the rules and regulations surrounding hog hunting at night in Texas.

Hunting Regulations for Night Hunting

Hunting during the day in Texas requires licenses and permits issued by the state’s Parks & Wildlife Department. The same applies when it comes to nighttime hunting with a few additional requirements such as having a valid permit for taking game animals other than deer at night with a rifle; possessing an artificial light source while on foot or standing still; using infrared technology devices mounted on rifles only – no handheld spotlights allowed.

Requirements for Hog Hunting At Night

There are specific requirements that hunters must follow before they can engage in hog hunting at night legally. These include obtaining private landowner permission if you intend to hunt on private property after dark and completing hunter education certification courses before receiving your license endorsement (which allows you to take game animals other than deer at night).

Dangers of Hog Hunting At Night

While there is nothing wrong with pursuing hog hunting at night, it does come with certain risks that any hunter should be aware of beforehand. For instance, hogs tend to be more active during nighttime hours which means they are likely to move around faster and more unpredictably making it difficult for hunters without experience or adequate training/ equipment gear who may find themselves struggling both mentally as well as physically trying outsmart these elusive creatures under low visibility circumstances.


In conclusion, yes – you can go hog-hunting after dark in Texas but only if you have obtained all necessary permits/licenses beforehand while also following specific regulations laid out by the state’s Parks & Wildlife Department. It is important to ensure you have all required gear and training before engaging in hog hunting at night, as it comes with its own set of challenges and risks that need careful consideration. So go ahead and get ready for an exciting adventure under the stars!