Bear Hunting in Tennessee: Laws and Regulations


Tennessee is a state known for its beautiful forests and wildlife. It’s no surprise that many people are interested in hunting bears in this area. But, is it legal to hunt bear in Tennessee?

The Law on Hunting Bear in Tennessee

The short answer is yes, you can hunt bear in Tennessee during certain times of the year. However, there are specific regulations hunters must abide by when hunting any wild animal within the state borders.

In order to hunt black bears legally within the state of Tennessee, a hunter must have a valid big game license as well as a bear permit and follow all guidelines set forth by the TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency). These permits and licenses can be purchased at various locations throughout the state or online via their website.

It should also be noted that there are strict rules on how many bears one may harvest per season, depending on whether they use primitive weapons or firearms.

The Benefits of Bear Hunting

While some may argue against hunting these majestic creatures, others tout the benefits. Black bear populations have increased dramatically over recent years due to successful conservation efforts. Therefore having measures like hunting allows populations to stay balanced while preventing overcrowding which could lead to disease outbreaks and habitat destructions.

Additionally, bear meat has been found to be quite nutritious with lean protein content similarly found in other common meats such as chicken or beef but without additional antibiotics added which proves beneficial for overall health management.

So not only does hunting help keep population numbers under control but it makes sure nothing goes waste and food supply becomes locally sourced along with controlling diseases caused by overcrowding making local ecosystems safer overall


Hunting black bears has been around since time immemorial however doing so ethically ensures not just public safety but preserving wildlife conservations thus posing no harm whatsoever.We encourage everyone who plans on hunting bears in Tennessee to do so legally and ethically, remembering that it is our shared responsibility to preserve the balance between nature and humanity.