Deer Season Hunting: Can You Hunt Coyotes During the Same Period?


The debate over whether or not hunters should be allowed to hunt coyotes during deer season has been ongoing for many years. Some believe that hunting coyotes can help preserve the deer population, while others argue that it is unnecessary and even harmful.

The argument for hunting coyotes during deer season

Those who support hunting coyotes during deer season argue that doing so can help control their population and reduce the number of predation on young fawns. Coyotes are known to prey on young deer, which can have a significant impact on their numbers if left unchecked. Furthermore, they argue that by reducing the number of predators in an area, hunters may be able to improve the overall health of the ecosystem.

The argument against hunting coyotes during deer season

On the other hand, opponents of hunting coyotes during deer seasons claim that it is unnecessary and potentially harmful. They note that there is no evidence suggesting that killing more predators will necessarily lead to healthier or larger herds of game animals like deer. Moreover, they contend that removing too many predators from an ecosystem could disrupt ecological balance and have unintended consequences.

The bottom line

Ultimately, whether or not you should hunt coyote during deer season depends on your individual circumstances as a hunter. If you are concerned about preserving local wildlife populations or simply enjoy predator hunting as a challenge unto itself – then going after these elusive creatures might just be something worth considering! However, if your primary goal when out in nature’s beauty is simply taking aim at trophy bucks – then perhaps sticking with traditional methods would suffice just fine!