Deer Season Hunting: Can You Hunt Coyotes at the Same Time?


Coyotes are an increasing problem in many areas of the United States, with their populations growing and spreading into previously unoccupied territory. Deer hunting season is a popular time for hunters to take to the woods, but it raises questions about whether or not coyotes can be hunted during this time.

The Regulations

The regulations surrounding coyote hunting during deer season vary from state to state. Some states allow coyote hunting throughout the year, while others limit it only to certain months or times of day. It’s important to check your local regulations before heading out into the field.

The Benefits of Coyote Hunting During Deer Season

While some may question why anyone would want to hunt coyotes during deer season, there are actually several benefits. One major advantage is that by removing coyotes from an area where they are preying on deer, you can help boost the health of the local herd. Additionally, taking out predators like coyotes can increase the chances of success for other types of game animals such as turkeys and quail.

Safety Considerations

If you do decide to hunt for coyotes during deer season, safety should always be your top priority. Make sure you’re wearing bright clothing so other hunters can easily see you in densely wooded areas; also keep in mind that gunshots may spook nearby deer and cause them to scatter unpredictably.


Hunting coyotes during deer season isn’t for everyone – but if done safely and responsibly according to local regulations – it can provide numerous benefits both for individual hunters and for the overall ecosystem. Whether you’re looking for a way to help improve local wildlife populations or simply enjoy spending time outdoors pursuing different kinds of game species, consider giving this type of hunting a try!