Hunting Deer with an AR-15 in Texas: What You Need to Know


The debate about whether or not one can hunt deer with an AR-15 in Texas has been a hot topic for quite some time. Being able to use certain firearms while hunting is always something that hunters are curious about. In this post, we will explore the rules and regulations surrounding hunting with an AR-15 in Texas.

The Short Answer

Yes, it is legal to hunt deer with an AR-15 in Texas if you follow the proper laws and regulations set forth by the state. That being said, there are some specific guidelines you must follow when using this type of firearm.

Regulations for Hunting Deer with an AR-15 in Texas

While it is legal to use an AR-15 rifle for hunting white-tailed deer in Texas, there are several rules that hunters must adhere to. Firstly, you must ensure that your rifle meets all of the minimum caliber requirements for hunting deer as outlined by the state’s Parks and Wildlife Department. Secondly, hunters need to ensure they have obtained all necessary licenses and permits required before beginning their hunt—and also obtain written permission from landowners where applicable.

Additionally, many counties within Texas have implemented specific restrictions on calibers or other aspects of firearms used during hunts (such as barrel length). Therefore before heading out into any area for hunting purposes make sure you know all relevant county-specific ordinances regarding what kind of rifles may be used while taking down game animals like wild deers!


In conclusion: yes! You can legally hunt deer using your trusty ar 15 rifle anywhere across texas provided that everything else checks out too – including following current laws/regulations along with obtaining required permissions/licenses beforehand. Be mindful however particularly when shooting at longer ranges since accuracy becomes increasingly more critical given the power found inside even standard ammo available today; given how these rounds can travel quite a distance before finding their prey. However, so long as hunters approach shooting deer with appropriate safety concerns in mind, they’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors while still keeping in line with relevant Texas laws and regulations.