Hunting Deer with an AR-15 in Texas: Exploring Firearm Choices


If you’re a gun enthusiast and live in Texas, you might be wondering about the legality of hunting deer with an AR 15. The answer is not straightforward, so it’s important to understand all the rules and regulations before heading out for your next hunting trip.

The Law on Hunting Deer with an AR 15 in Texas

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, using centerfire rifles that are chambered for .22-250 Remington or larger calibers is legal when hunting deer in most parts of the state. However, there are certain counties where this rule doesn’t apply due to population density concerns. In these areas, hunters can only use shotguns or muzzleloaders during specific seasons.

An AR 15 falls under the category of centerfire rifles but its caliber varies depending on various models available in the market. It’s crucial to check if your rifle meets TPWD’s requirements before going out for a hunt.

Why Use an AR 15 For Deer Hunting?

AR 15s have gained popularity over recent years among hunters who prefer semi-automatic weapons over bolt-action rifles. Semi-automatic firearms allow for faster follow-up shots which can be beneficial while making multiple kills at once.

Another advantage of using an AR 15 is its customizability; they come with interchangeable components allowing users to modify their guns according to their preference such as barrel length, trigger pull weight etc.

However, it’s essential to remember that accuracy should always be prioritized over speed when taking down game animals humanely


Hunting deer with an AR 15 in Texas requires following certain laws like choosing appropriate calibre ammunition and choosing permissible counties as per TPWD’s guidelines. The advantages offered by the firearm have made it a popular choice among hunters but safety remains paramount when handling any firearm especially while hunting. So, before heading out for your next hunting trip, make sure to double-check all the rules and regulations to ensure a safe and successful experience.