Hunting Hogs at Night in South Carolina: What You Need to Know


Hunting hogs is a popular activity in South Carolina, but can you hunt them at night? This question has been asked frequently by hunters and those interested in the activity. In this blog post, we will explore whether hunting hogs at night is legal in South Carolina.

Hunting Laws in South Carolina

South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulates hunting laws in the state. The DNR allows hog hunting year-round on private land with lawful firearms. However, when it comes to nighttime hunting, there are some restrictions that need to be followed.

Nighttime Hunting Regulations for Hogs

The DNR regulations state that hogs can only be hunted at night if using artificial lights or thermal imaging devices. These methods are allowed as long as they do not emit a visible light source from the device used for lighting or sighting animals. Also, any person who participates in hog hunting must possess a valid license while following all other rules regarding firearm safety and ethical behavior.


In conclusion, it is legal to hunt hogs at night using artificial lights or thermal imaging devices on private land with a valid license and while following all applicable laws and regulations set forth by the DNR of South Carolina. It’s important to remember that these guidelines help ensure safe and ethical practices when participating in nighttime hog hunts. So if you’re planning your next hog-hunting adventure in South Carolina, make sure you follow these regulations to have an enjoyable experience without breaking any laws!