Hunting Hogs in Texas at Night: What You Need to Know


If you are an avid hunter, you know that hunting hogs in Texas is a fun and challenging activity. These wild animals can be hunted during the day, but what about at night? In this blog post, we will answer the question of whether it is legal to hunt hogs at night in Texas.

The Law on Hunting Hogs at Night in Texas

Texas laws governing hog hunting allow hunters to pursue these animals around the clock without any time restrictions. However, there are some regulations that hunters must follow when hunting at night. The state requires using a light source while hunting hogs after sunset. It is also essential to ensure that your weapon’s ammunition does not contain lead if you plan to hunt on public lands.

The Advantages of Hunting Hogs At Night

There are many advantages of hog hunting at night compared to daytime hunts. First off, wild pigs tend to be more active during dusk and dawn hours when their predators such as coyotes are less active than they usually would be during daylight hours. Additionally, pig populations can often become hesitant around human presence in daylight scenarios making them difficult targets for hunters or causing them simply run away before being shot by someone who may have been stalking quietly all day long waiting for one good opportunity!

Nighttime hunts with proper lighting equipment provide hunters an advantage over their prey because they have better visibility provided by powerful spotlights mounted onto rifles which help illuminate anything moving within dark underbrush or forest canopy where feral hogs like hiding-out from humans contact areas.


In conclusion; yes – You can certainly hunt Wild Hogs legally 24/7 within the confines of existing State Regulations which require appropriate equipment usage with consideration given towards minimizing harm done to wildlife populations so they remain viable targets into perpetuity! So don’t hesitate anymore get out there and start chasing those hogs under the stars tonight! Happy Hunting!