Year Round Hog Hunting in Georgia: What You Need to Know


Hunting is an exciting and challenging activity that many people enjoy. Georgia, being one of the states with a large population of wild hogs, attracts hunters from all over the country. These hunters often ask if they can hunt hogs year-round in Georgia. In this blog post, we will explore whether or not it’s legal to hunt hogs throughout the year in Georgia.

Hog Hunting Regulations in Georgia

According to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) rules and regulations on hunting, there are no closed seasons for hog hunting in Georgia. Therefore, you can legally hunt them any time of the year as long as you have a valid license and follow all other relevant guidelines set by DNR.

License Requirements for Hunting Hogs in Georgia

To legally hunt hogs year-round in Georgia, you must possess either a big game license or a wildlife management area (WMA) stamp along with your regular hunting license. A big game license is required to legally take deer or bear while WMA stamps allow access to specific WMAs where hog hunting may be permitted.

Safety Tips When Hog Hunting Year-Round

While hog hunting can be an enjoyable experience at any time of year, it’s essential to keep safety top-of-mind during your outings. Wear protective gear such as sturdy boots and gloves when moving through thick underbrush and watch out for snakes and other hazards that may present themselves while tracking these animals.

In conclusion: Yes! You can legally hunt hogs anytime throughout the entire calendar year here in beautiful state of GA so long as you’ve got proper licensure first and foremost before heading out into those woods! So go ahead — grab that rifle or bow-and-arrow setup; load up some ammo or arrows; don’t forget necessary safety equipment like gloves & boots before venturing off into the wilderness to track down these wily creatures. Happy hunting!