Hunting Turkey from a Tree Stand: What You Need to Know in Michigan


Hunting turkey is a thrilling experience for many, and it’s no wonder why. These birds are elusive and challenging to hunt, making the sport all the more exciting. However, when it comes to hunting turkey in Michigan, there are some rules hunters must follow. One question that often arises is whether or not you can hunt turkey from a tree stand in Michigan.

The Answer

The answer is yes; you can hunt turkey from a tree stand in Michigan. There are no laws prohibiting hunters from using tree stands while hunting turkeys as long as they follow certain guidelines set forth by the state of Michigan. Hunters should always check with their local wildlife office before setting up their gear to ensure they’re following any additional regulations specific to their area.


While tree stands are allowed during turkey season in Michigan, hunters must make sure they’re located at least ten feet off the ground and that they wear an appropriate safety harness while using them. This rule applies regardless of whether or not the hunter intends to use a firearm or bow during their hunt.

Additionally, hunters may only use shotguns loaded with pellets measuring .23 inches diameter or smaller and muzzleloading firearms that fire single bullets no larger than .38 caliber if using these methods while hunting turkeys. Crossbows are also permitted for disabled individuals who have been issued special permits.

Finally, remember that both male Eastern wild turkeys and bearded hens (females) may be taken during spring hunts but only one bird per license year is allowed statewide.

In Conclusion

Hunting Turkey from a tree stand in Michigan requires abiding by specific state-set guidelines on how high above ground your perch should be placed and what kind of weapon you can use when shooting at them among others mentioned earlier.
To stay safe this season makes sure you adhere strictly to these guidelines when hunting turkey from a tree stand in Michigan for an unforgettable hunting experience.