Sunday Hunting in Pennsylvania: Can You Hunt Turkey?

The Law on Sunday Hunting in Pennsylvania

For many hunters, weekends are the perfect time for hunting. But what if you’re only available on Sundays? Unfortunately, Pennsylvania used to have a ban on Sunday hunting that lasted until 2019. The law allowed exceptions for coyotes, foxes, and crows but prohibited the hunting of other animals like deer or turkey.

Sunday Hunting Restrictions Loosened in 2019

In November 2019, Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation that lifted the ban on Sunday hunting during three designated Sundays each year: one during archery season, one during firearms deer season (also known as buck season), and one chosen by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. This change was welcomed by many hunters who were previously unable to hunt due to work schedules and other commitments.

Important Considerations for Sunday Hunting

While it’s now legal to hunt certain animals on selected Sundays in Pennsylvania, there are still some things to keep in mind before heading out into the woods. Firstly, be sure to check with local authorities about specific regulations regarding hours of operation and permitted species hunts.

Additionally, it is important to respect other members of nature such as hikers or wildlife watchers when sharing public land spaces with them. Hunters must also disclose their presence via brightly colored clothing designed specifically for safety purposes while they hunt.


Pennsylvania’s relaxation of its restrictive “no-Sunday-hunting” laws has been met with approval from many hunters across the state looking to take advantage of this newfound opportunity without sacrificing their busy weekday schedules.. There remain reasonable restrictions surrounding this new allowance that should always be respected so everyone can enjoy Pennsylvanian’s beautiful natural resources safely together!