Hunting Turkey in Georgia: Can You Hunt Over Bait?


Turkey hunting is a popular outdoor activity that requires skill, patience and knowledge. In Georgia, turkey hunting is subject to regulations established by the state’s Department of Natural Resources. One of the most debated issues among hunters is whether or not it’s legal to hunt turkey over bait in Georgia. This blog post will explore this topic in detail.

The Law

Georgia law strictly prohibits the use of bait when hunting big game animals such as deer, bear and wild turkey. According to the Georgia Hunting Regulations Guide, “It is illegal to take or attempt to take any big game animal while they are under the influence or feeding upon corn, wheat, barley or any type of grain or feed.” If caught violating this regulation, hunters can be fined up to $1,000 and face other penalties.

The Debate

Despite being illegal according to state law, some hunters argue that using bait can increase their chances of success during turkey season. However, many others believe that baiting takes away from the challenge and ethics inherent in fair chase hunting. Additionally, there are concerns about potential negative impacts on wildlife populations if too many hunters engage in this practice.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s important for all hunters in Georgia – regardless of experience level –to follow all regulations set forth by the Department of Natural Resources when engaging in outdoor activities like turkey hunting. While opinions may differ regarding certain practices such as using baits for luring turkeys into range for a shot; ultimately we must prioritize preserving our natural resources for future generations so everyone can enjoy them safely and with respect towards nature itself.