Can You Hunt Turkey in Georgia with a .22? Here’s What You Need to Know


Turkey hunting has become an essential outdoor activity for many Georgia residents. However, there are specific laws and regulations that hunters must adhere to when participating in this sport. For instance, one of the most common questions among new hunters is whether a 22 rifle can be used to hunt turkey in Georgia.

The Law on Hunting Turkey with a 22 Rifle in Georgia

The state of Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulates all hunting activities within its borders. The DNR enforces strict guidelines on firearms’ use during different hunting seasons, including turkey season. According to the department’s rule book, it is illegal to hunt turkey with any firearm other than a shotgun loaded with shotshells or muzzleloading shotguns.

The Reason Why You Cannot Hunt Turkeys With A .22 Rifle In Georgia

There are various reasons why the DNR prohibits small caliber rifles like .22 from being used for turkey hunting. First off, these types of guns cannot deliver enough force needed for clean kills on turkeys compared to larger gauged shotguns or rifles explicitly designed for big game hunting purposes such as deer and bear hunts.

Secondly, using inadequate firepower could cause undue suffering to the bird before death occurs since they have tough feathers that small calibers may not penetrate effectively.

Additionally, shooting at long-range distances increases your chances of missing your target entirely or causing injury without making an instant kill; remember that ethical concerns should always be taken into account while engaging in any form of animal behavior-related activities.


In conclusion, you cannot legally hunt turkeys using a 22 rifle in Georgia because it is against state law and would not provide sufficient power needed for ethical kills during this type of game bird-hunting season. It’s vital that hunters familiarize themselves with local regulations regarding firearms so as not to risk hunting illegally or causing unnecessary suffering to animals they are pursuing. Remember, ethical concerns should always outweigh any desire for sport or recreation when it comes to hunting.