Turkeys? Exploring Turkey Hunting with a .22 in Oregon

Can You Hunt Turkey with a .22 in Oregon?

Hunting is a great way to spend time outside and connect with nature. However, hunters must follow certain regulations depending on the species they are hunting and the location of their hunt. In Oregon, one common question that comes up among hunters is whether or not it is legal to hunt turkey with a .22 caliber rifle.

Oregon Hunting Regulations

In Oregon, all hunters must comply with state hunting laws and regulations set by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). According to ODFW rules, rifles used for hunting big game such as deer or elk must be larger than .24 caliber. However, when it comes to turkeys in Oregon, there are no specific restrictions listed regarding minimum rifle calibers allowed for use during hunts.

The Reality of Hunting Turkey with a .22

While there may be no written regulation prohibiting turkey hunting using a .22 caliber rifle in Oregon, experienced hunters would not recommend this practice. For one thing, wild turkeys have tough feathers that can make them difficult targets to hit accurately. A small bullet like those fired from a .22 might wound but fail to kill these birds outright which could cause suffering.

Additionally, using too small of ammunition has caused problems even if an ethical shot was made successfully killing the bird: damage done its internal organs were so severe that most of the meat was ruined upon cleaning due to excessive tissue destruction by over penetration.

Final Thoughts: The Risks Outweighing Rewards

Despite being technically legal under current regulations in some cases – we cannot morally advocate taking wild game like turkeys at long ranges only made possible through high velocity rifles such as popular 5mm cartridges (.204 Ruger,.220 Swift) which have much higher risk factors than benefits associated especially when compared against other more suitable hunting options such as shotguns. Both for ethical and practical purposes, we strongly suggest using more appropriate weapons to hunt turkey in Oregon.