Turkey Hunting 101: The Art of Spot-and-Stalk from a Tree Stand

The Debate on Hunting Turkeys from a Tree Stand

Turkey hunting is one of the most popular hunting sports in America. However, hunters are divided when it comes to the use of tree stands during turkey season. Some believe that using a tree stand can be an effective way to hunt turkeys while others think that it’s not ethical or safe at all.

Pros of Hunting Turkeys from a Tree Stand

One major advantage of using a tree stand for turkey hunting is increased visibility and safety. Being elevated allows you to see further than if you were on the ground, giving you more time to plan your shot and increasing your chances of spotting turkeys before they spot you.

Another benefit is less disturbance in the area where turkeys feed and roost. Unlike ground blinds which may require extensive trimming and clearing, tree stands typically don’t involve much disruption since they’re already off the ground.

Cons of Hunting Turkeys from a Tree Stand

On the other hand, some argue that hunting turkeys with tree stands goes against fair chase principles because it disrupts natural turkey behavior patterns by placing us above them instead of having to outsmart them like traditional methods would require.

Moreover, this approach could also lead to unsafe situations as accidentally hitting someone who’s passing by underneath or mistaking another hunter for prey are typical scenarios that should always be avoided due to their potentially lethal consequences.


Hunting techniques vary according to personal preferences; however, some aspects should never be neglected such as safety concerns and ethics around fair chase practices. Ultimately though, whether or not one chooses this method depends on what type(s) fit best within his/her own experience level or risk tolerance levels: try different things until finding something suitable!