Hunting Turkeys in the Afternoon: The Best Tips for Success

What Time of Day is Best to Hunt Turkeys?

If you’re planning on hunting turkeys this season, it’s important to understand the best times of day to have success in your hunt. While there are no hard and fast rules for when to go out turkey hunting, there are certain hours that tend to be more productive than others.

When Do Turkeys Roost?

Knowing when turkeys roost can give you a better idea about when they will be active and thus provide more opportunities for successful hunts. Typically, wild turkeys roost high up in trees at night and fly down shortly after sunrise. This means that early morning hours are usually ideal for hunting as the birds are actively searching for food after leaving their nighttime perches.

Can You Hunt Turkeys In The Afternoon?

Though mornings may yield higher success rates, it’s possible to hunt turkeys in the afternoon as well. Most turkey hunters prefer mornings because birds tend to be more alert during this time but if you’re patient enough or lucky enough, you can still manage a successful hunt later in the day as well. Just remember that birds often take breaks from feeding throughout the day so keep an eye out for signs of activity before making your move!