Can You Rabbit Hunt on Sunday in NC? A Guide to the State’s Hunting Laws


Rabbit hunting is a popular outdoor activity in North Carolina. However, many hunters are often confused about the legality of hunting rabbits on Sundays. This blog post aims to answer that question and provide some useful information for rabbit hunters in NC.

The law on Sunday Hunting

It’s important to note that North Carolina has specific laws when it comes to hunting on Sundays. Currently, it is illegal for most types of game animals (including rabbits) to be hunted on Sundays with few exceptions. These exceptions include private landowners who can hunt on their own property, and licensed fox hunters who can use firearms to hunt foxes with hounds on Sunday afternoons.

Rabbit hunting regulations

For those planning a rabbit hunt during the rest of the week, there are some key regulations that must be followed in order to stay within legal boundaries. Firstly, all hunters must have a valid license and follow bag limits set by the state wildlife commission. In addition, all firearms used for rabbit hunting must comply with state regulations regarding permitted calibers and gauges.

Tips for successful rabbit hunts

If you’re new to rabbit hunting or just looking for some tips to increase your chances of success, there are several things you can do before heading out into the field. First off, scout potential areas beforehand so you know where rabbits are likely to hide out during different times of day or weather conditions. Using scent control measures like wearing rubber boots or gloves can also help prevent spooking shy prey while tracking them through brushy terrain.


While it may not always be possible depending upon location restrictions or personal schedules – if you’re an avid rabbit hunter living in North Carolina then weekdays offer plenty opportunities year-round! Just remember always abide by local laws and take necessary precautions like scouting ahead before starting out on your hunt. Happy hunting!