No More Frustration: How to Shoot the Dog in Duck Hunt


Anyone who has ever played the classic Nintendo game, Duck Hunt, may have wondered if they could shoot the dog that pops up to mock them when they miss a duck. It’s a question that has been debated for years amongst gamers and animal lovers alike. In this blog post, we will explore whether or not shooting the dog in Duck Hunt is actually possible.

The Dog in Duck Hunt

The dog in Duck Hunt is one of the most iconic video game antagonists of all time. He appears on screen after every missed shot to laugh at you and taunt you with his silly grin. While some players find him endearing, others find him incredibly irritating and would love nothing more than to take him out with their virtual shotgun.

The Game Mechanics

Unfortunately for those who want to take revenge on the laughing hound, it is impossible to shoot the dog in Duck Hunt. The game mechanics simply do not allow it. The only way to progress through levels and increase your score is by successfully shooting ducks without harming any other targets like the dog or clay pigeons.

Animal Welfare Concerns

Even if it were possible to shoot the dog in Duck Hunt, it raises concerns about animal welfare and responsible gaming practices. While it’s just a fictional character within a video game, promoting violence towards animals – even virtual ones – can desensitize players towards real-life animal cruelty.


In conclusion, no matter how frustrating or annoying he may be, shooting the laughing dog in Duck Hunt is not an option within the confines of its gameplay mechanics. It’s important for gamers to remember that while video games are meant as entertainment, they should also reflect real-world ethics and values such as compassion towards animals. So instead of trying to harm our furry friend from our television screens let’s focus on improving our shooting skills to get rid of those ducks!