Squirrel Hunting During Deer Season: Is it Legal and What You Need to Know


Squirrel hunting and deer hunting are two of the most popular forms of hunting in America. They have different seasons, but they do overlap at some point during the year. This has led to a common question among hunters: can you squirrel hunt during deer season?

The answer is yes.

While deer season is typically longer than squirrel season, it is not against any laws or regulations to hunt squirrels while also pursuing deer. However, there are some things that hunters need to consider before heading out into the woods.

Safety first

When it comes to safety, hunters must always be aware of their surroundings and know what other hunters might be in the area. During deer season, there may be more people out in the field than usual, so it’s important for squirrel hunters to wear bright clothing and use caution when moving through densely wooded areas.

Aim carefully

Another thing that squirrel hunters should keep in mind during deer season is their choice of ammunition. Squirrels require smaller rounds such as .22 caliber bullets while deers require larger rounds like 30-06 or 12-gauge shotgun shells. Using a larger round could potentially injure or kill a nearby hunter who’s aiming down on a faraway prey.


In summary, squirrel hunting during deer season is allowed but requires extra precautions from hunters such as being safe around others while hunting and using appropriate ammo for your prey without risking anyone else nearby accidentally getting hurt by stray shots. With these considerations kept in mind, you can enjoy both types of hunting without breaking any laws or putting yourself at risk unnecessarily!