Turkey Hunting 101: The Best Time to Hunt in the Afternoon


Turkey hunting is an exciting outdoor activity that many people enjoy. It requires skill, patience, and a good amount of knowledge about the bird’s behavior. Hunting turkeys in the morning has always been considered traditional, but can you hunt them in the afternoon? Read on to find out.

Time of Day Matters

The time of day when you go turkey hunting matters a lot. Turkeys are known to be more active during early mornings and late afternoons because they tend to feed around these times. This is why most hunters prefer going out for their hunts at dawn or just before dusk when turkeys have come down from their roosts. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot hunt turkeys in the afternoon.

The Afternoon Option

If morning schedules don’t work for you or if waking up early isn’t your thing, then an afternoon turkey hunt might be just what you need. While it’s true that turkey activity slows down after midday as they retreat into shade to avoid the heat of the sun, there are still some ways to make your afternoon hunt successful.

Tips for Successful Afternoon Hunts

Firstly, scout your hunting area beforehand so that you get familiar with where turkeys usually frequent at different times of day. Secondly, look for areas with reliable water sources since birds will often visit them during hot afternoons for drinks and cooling off. Thirdly, try making soft calling sounds as opposed to aggressive calls since this will help attract less suspicious gobblers who may not respond well to loud noises coming from human callers.


In conclusion, while it’s generally true that morning hunts offer better chances of bagging a trophy turkey due to increased bird activity levels; still plenty can be achieved during an afternoon session if done correctly using some of the tips mentioned above. Remember, turkey hunting is a thrilling sport that requires patience and persistence, so don’t give up if you don’t have a successful afternoon hunt on your first try!