NC Hunting Laws: Can You Turkey Hunt on Sunday?


If you’re an avid hunter, knowing the hunting regulations in your state is crucial. In North Carolina, turkey hunting is a popular sport, but there are certain restrictions that hunters must abide by. One of the most common questions asked by hunters is whether they can hunt turkeys on Sundays.

Sunday Hunting Ban in NC

Unfortunately, Sunday hunting for any type of game is prohibited in North Carolina except on private lands with written permission from the landowner. This ban has been in place since 1868 and was only lifted briefly for a few years until it was reinstated again.

Possible Changes to the Law

There have been efforts to repeal the Sunday hunting ban and allow more opportunities for hunters. In fact, some counties have already passed resolutions allowing Sunday hunting on private lands within their boundaries.

However, there are still ongoing debates about how this change would affect public safety, religious practices and landowners’ rights. Until then though it remains illegal to hunt turkeys or any other game animal on Sundays unless you are doing so on privately owned property with written permission from the owner.


So if you’re planning a turkey hunt in North Carolina make sure that you avoid setting out before sunrise or after sunset if its not during Turkey season.You also need to check local laws regarding shooting hours as these too vary depending upon location within various counties across NC.Always remember that staying up-to-date with rules and regulations helps keep everyone safe while enjoying our great outdoors!