VA Hunting 101: Can You Turkey Hunt on Sunday in the Commonwealth?


Virginia is one of the states that continues to have strict hunting regulations. The state has a very diverse range of wildlife, including turkey, which makes it a popular destination for avid hunters. But can you hunt turkeys on Sundays in Virginia? Let’s find out.

The History of Sunday Hunting in Virginia:

Until 2014, hunting or killing any wild bird or animal (including turkey) was illegal on Sundays in Virginia. However, this changed when the State Legislature passed a bill allowing hunting on private land and public waterways by licensed hunters with written permission from the landowner.

Current Regulations:

As per current regulations, licensed hunters are allowed to hunt turkey on Sundays only if they have written permission from the landowner where they plan to hunt. Furthermore, Sunday hunting is not permitted before 1:00 pm during deer firearms season.

It is important to note that these rules apply specifically to turkey hunting; other animals may be subject to different regulations. Therefore it’s always best practice for hunters planning their next excursion into nature should check all local and state laws and guidelines before going out into the field.

The Benefits of Sunday Turkey Hunting:

Sunday turkey hunting provides several benefits for both birds and humans alike. It offers an opportunity for people who cannot take time off work during weekdays due to busy schedules or other commitments but still want to enjoy some outdoor recreation over weekends away from their regular routine activities

Moreover, allowing more days for legal consumption helps control populations as well as reduce crop damage caused by large herds seeking food sources in fields around farms near wooded areas where turkeys may sometimes feed.

In conclusion: While there are now opportunities available for Sunday’s hunts regarding certain species like wild turkeys in Virginia under specific conditions – obtaining written permission from private landowners – restrictions remain present so we need awareness before heading out into the field. Happy hunting!