Turkey Hunting 101: Can You Successfully Use a Full Choke?

Understanding Chokes

A choke is an attachment at the end of a shotgun barrel that constricts the spread of pellets. This constriction affects how far and wide your shot will go, making it critical when hunting specific game. Typically, hunters use chokes to match their prey and desired shooting range.

Turkey Hunting with Full Choke

Yes, you can turkey hunt with a full choke. A full choke has the tightest constriction compared to other types of chokes like improved cylinder or modified choke. Using a full choke allows you to shoot from longer ranges because it maintains the density and force of your shot better than others.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Full Choke for Turkey Hunting

When using a full choke for turkey hunting, there are advantages as well as disadvantages that one should consider before heading out into the field. The benefits include tighter patterns which allow for better accuracy at greater distances; this means less time spent tracking wounded birds. However, its disadvantage is that if your aim isn’t accurate enough or if turkeys come too close, you may miss them entirely since shots become narrower due to high-constriction chokes.


Full chokes are best suited for experienced hunters who have been able to develop their marksmanship skills over time. Before deciding on what kind of shotgun shell or type of choke needed (e.g., turkey loads), every hunter should take stock in his/her level expertise – then make informed decisions based on those capabilities!