Can You Use a 20 Gauge for Turkey Hunting? The Pros and Cons


Turkey hunting has become a popular activity for hunters everywhere, and the question of what gauge shotgun is best suited for turkey hunting often arises. One such question that many may ask is whether one can use a 20-gauge shotgun for turkey hunting.

The Advantages of Using a 20 Gauge Shotgun

There are several advantages to using a 20-gauge shotgun when turkey hunting. For starters, it allows hunters to carry less weight and make more precise shots due to its lighter recoil compared to larger gauges. Additionally, the smaller size of the shells makes them easier to handle in tight spaces or while moving through thick brush.

The Disadvantages of Using a 20 Gauge Shotgun

While there are some advantages to using a 20-gauge shotgun, there are also some disadvantages that should be considered before going out on your next hunt. One major disadvantage is their shorter range compared with larger gauges like the 12 gauge – meaning you’ll have less success at long-range shots. Another disadvantage would be fewer pellets per shell which means you get fewer chances at hitting your target.

Tips for Turkey Hunting with A 20-Gauge Shotgun

If you’re planning on going turkey hunting with your trusty twenty gauge shotgun this season, here’s some tips that can help increase your chances of success: Use higher brass ammo which increases power and range; invest in an improved choke tube so that tighter patterns can be achieved; practice shooting from off angles as turkeys tend move around quite quickly sometimes during sighted hunts; always aim at the head or neck region because it presents an easier target area than other areas like wings or legs.


In conclusion, if you want to use a twenty gauge shotgun when turkey hunting just remember it may not have as much force behind each shot, but it can still be a great choice for hunters who want something light and easy to handle. Fortunately, with some practice and the right equipment, turkey hunting with a twenty gauge shotgun can be just as successful as using larger gauges like the twelve gauge.