Turkey Hunting 101: Can You Use a Full Choke for the Perfect Shot?


Turkey hunting is a popular pastime for many hunters, but there are some questions that come up about the equipment and techniques used in this sport. One of these questions is whether or not you can use a full choke for turkey hunting.

What is a Full Choke?

A full choke is an attachment on the end of your shotgun barrel that restricts the amount of pellets spread out when fired. This means more pellets hit their intended target, making it ideal for long-range shots or harder to hit game like ducks or geese.

Turkey Hunting with a Full Choke

While using a full choke may seem like it would be helpful in turkey hunting, it’s actually not recommended by most experts. The reason for this is because turkeys have very tough feathers and skin which can cause pellets to bounce off if they don’t have enough momentum.

The Best Chokes for Turkey Hunting

The best chokes for turkey hunting are ones that provide good coverage while also allowing enough spread to increase your chances of hitting your target. Modified chokes are often recommended as they offer a balance between too tight (like the full choke) and too open (like improved cylinder).


In conclusion, while using a full choke may seem like it would be beneficial in turkey hunting due to its ability to tighten shot groupings at longer ranges, it’s actually not recommended by most experts. Instead, modified chokes or other options should be considered based on individual preference and behavior patterns of the birds being hunted. As always when dealing with firearms- safety comes first!