Children and Hunting: What All Parents Should Know

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While taking a child hunting can be alot of fun, it can turn disastrous in no time at all. Children often do not consider what could happen in a situation and it is up to the supervising adult to make sure that the child is following all rules regarding safety. If safety is not set as a high priority, someone can easily get hurt or killed during a hunting expedition. Many states require that children be at least 12 years old to hunt. If your state does not have such laws, use your best judgement as to whether or not your child is ready. Small children that can not follow precise instructions or handle a dangerous situation are most likely not ready to hunt safely. If you will be baby-sitting your child while hunting, it is wise and safe not to go.

Both children and adults should take a hunting safety course before going into the woods. If your child has not taken and passed an approved safety course, do not allow them to hunt. Knowing how to shoot a bow and arrow or gun is very important. Take your child to target practice before allowing them into the woods. Make sure your child knows how to hold the weapon properly and make sure they understand when it is an appropriate time to take a shot. Make sure that your child always treats a gun as a loaded gun, but make sure to unload all guns when they are not being used. Do not ever hunt with people that do not follow the laws regarding safe hunting. Some disrespectful hunters are willing to be risky when taking shots on an animal they really want. You and your child should always realize that there will be people hunting that do not know or care about the rules of hunting.

While it is appropriate to wear camouflage into the woods while hunting, it is also important to wear a distinct color that is easy to see. Many hunters wear “blaze orange” toboggans, jackets or face masks while they are hunting. Blaze orange is not found in nature and therefore, other hunters can recognize a person with this color on. Make sure that your child wears the appropriate attire and knows that you never shoot a gun in the direction of blaze orange.