Deer Hunting Tips

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For many, deer hunting is a ballgame, more than an obsession. It is taken up widely in the United States, along with the few other places in the world. There are many deer hunting clubs out that who go on deer hunting trips occasionally. Many new members join the club, people get to know more about the hunting tactics, latest hunting gear, deer hunting tips, et al. If you’re one of them, or intend to join one of these clubs, these deer hunting tips may prove to help do it right the first time.

What is Deer Hunting?

Need I explain it? Well, deer hunting is an activity in which a person or a group hunt down deers. In most countries, it is a sport. Deers of all types and species are hunted throughout the world. In North America, the Whitetailed deer and the Mule deer are amongst those hunted the most. They both have differences in tail, size, antler shape, and ears. In Alaska, Reindeers are hunted extensively. The Moose and the Elk are also amongst other deer related animals that are hunted a lot. Hunting is not what the hunters call it, it is known as big game hunting and the hunters are known as big game hunters.

Deer Hunting Tips

Deer hunting is considered to be an art by most hunters. It requires courage, precision, techniques and a know-how about the job. Safety is priority of these hunters, need to observe most of it, other than traipsing in the grounds and looking for the perfect catch. It requires a lot of precaution and discipline. Any kind of negligence can be fatal while hunting wild animals. Mentioned below are few of the basic deer hunting tips which may prove helpful and ensure a safe and successful hunt.

  • Start early. Most hunters prefer hunting all day. However, the best time to spot a deer will be early morning and early dusk, as they go out to find food. If you are out there in the open before dawn, chances are likely that you may spot them.
  • Be silent. Obviously, if you happen to listen to loud music or talk loudly, you may never get a chance to even see one. Deers are exceptionally alert to any unnatural sound, especially the human voice. Make sure that you do not talk loud, and as far as possible communicate using slow hand signals.
  • Be still. You need to practice this a lot. Deers happen to catch even the slightest of sudden motion with utmost accuracy. If you move a lot and are not stable, you may never see a deer around ever. The magic word over here is ‘stationary’. Be like a statue or as if frozen.
  • Deers have got an exceptional ability to smell. Make sure that you are not applying cologne, aftershave, deodorants or scented soaps when going for the hunt. Wash you clothes with an unscented detergent or plain water to make sure that it does have any kind of smell. Since deers are sensitive to smell, they can ward off if they get the slightest hint of it.
  • Observe precaution when handling the gun or deer hunting rifles. Treat your gun as if it’s loaded and ready to shoot. And also most importantly, never rely on your gun’s safety, be on your own and take decisions judiciously. Know about the best rifle for deer hunting.
  • Avoid drinking before and during hunting. Needless to say, anything more on it, no hunter would want to become a game for other wild animals.
  • Find the food source that the deer will be eating during the hunting season.
  • Do not try to climb a tree, jump, squat or cross a fence with a loaded gun, as it can be fatal.
  • Never ever pull a trigger unless you are absolutely sure your target is a deer.
  • Know and learn about your game before going on a hunt, like their temperament, behavior, habitat, etc. This may help you in successful hunting
  • Be ready when going out to hunt from your stand. Make sure that you are carrying all the required equipment.

Hope these deer hunting tips will be of help. Just to reiterate, observe caution and know where your safety lies. Because there may be many seasons for you to go out there to hunt. But there will not be many if the hunter becomes the hunted.