The Deer Hunter: How to Safely Shoot a Deer (Without the Drama)

The Deer Hunter and its Impact

The Deer Hunter is a 1978 American epic war drama film directed by Michael Cimino. The movie tells the story of three steelworkers from Pennsylvania who are drafted to fight in the Vietnam War and how their experiences change them forever. One of the most memorable scenes in this movie is when they hunt deer before going to war.

Did They Really Shoot a Deer?

It’s one of those questions that always comes up. Did they really shoot a deer in The Deer Hunter? Well, according to interviews with cast members over the years, yes, they did actually shoot a deer for the scene. Robert De Niro has even admitted to being somewhat traumatized by the experience because he had never seen an animal be killed before.

The Controversy Surrounding Hunting Scenes

While many people argue that hunting scenes like this are necessary for authenticity, others feel it’s gratuitous and unnecessary. In recent years there have been calls for Hollywood to stop using real animals on set altogether due to concerns over animal welfare.

The Legacy of The Deer Hunter

Regardless of your stance on hunting scenes or animal welfare issues surrounding Hollywood productions, there is no denying that The Deer Hunter remains an important film decades after its release. It won five Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director at the time – cementing it as one of cinema’s greatest achievements.

In conclusion, whether you agree with using real animals or not during filming, understanding why certain decisions were made can help inform our appreciation or criticism towards films like The Deer Hunter. Its impact on cinema history continues today – both through its realistic portrayal of warfare and as part of ongoing discussions about ethical production practices in Hollywood.