Coyotes on the Hunt: How to Spot When They’re Hunting Deer


Coyotes are fascinating animals. They can be found all over North America, from the deserts of the Southwest to the forests of Canada. One question that often comes up when discussing coyotes is whether or not they hunt deer.

Coyote Diet

Coyotes are considered omnivores, which means they eat a variety of foods. Their diet consists mainly of small mammals like rodents and rabbits, but they also eat insects and fruit. When food is scarce, coyotes may turn to larger prey like deer.

Coyote Hunting Techniques

Coyotes are known for their adaptability when it comes to hunting techniques. They have been observed stalking prey like a cat or running down prey in open fields like a dog. When hunting deer specifically, coyotes will often work together in packs to take down their prey.

Impact on Deer Population

While some studies have shown that coyote predation has little effect on adult deer populations, it can impact fawn survival rates significantly. Coyote attacks on fawns can lead to higher mortality rates and ultimately fewer adult deer in an area.


In conclusion, while coyotes primarily feed on smaller mammals and insects, they do occasionally hunt larger prey such as deer when food sources are limited. While their impact on adult deer populations may be minimal, their predation on fawns can result in an overall reduction in the number of adults present in an area over time.