Do Ferrets Hunt Rabbits? A Guide to Understanding Ferret Behavior


Ferrets are adorable little creatures that have been domesticated as pets for a long time. People often wonder if they are natural hunters and if they can hunt rabbits. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about ferrets and their hunting abilities.

The Hunting Instinct of Ferrets

As predators by nature, ferrets possess a strong hunting instinct that enables them to catch small animals such as mice, rats, and other rodents. They use their sharp teeth and claws to kill their prey quickly. They also have excellent senses of smell and hearing which helps them track down their quarry easily.

Can Ferrets Hunt Rabbits?

While it is possible for ferrets to hunt rabbits, the chances of success are lower than when going after smaller prey like rodents. This is because rabbits are much larger in size and faster in speed than what ferrets normally go after. Additionally, domesticated ferrets may not be used to living outdoors or dealing with larger wild animals like rabbits.

Safety Precautions When Allowing Your Ferret To Hunt

If you do decide to allow your pet ferret to hunt outside, it’s essential that you take certain precautions so that both your pet and other animals remain safe. Firstly, ensure that your ferret has undergone proper training before taking him out into the field so he can follow basic commands such as come or stay put on command. Secondly always supervise him closely during his outdoor expeditions so he doesn’t wander off too far from home area or get lost/ injured while chasing after prey.


Ferrets’ innate instincts make them natural predators capable of hunting small game like rodents; however larger animals such as rabbits need additional safety measures due being harder targets for these pint-sized hunters. If you want to let your ferret hunt, be sure to take precautions and provide proper training so that both pet and prey are safe during their outdoor adventures.