Rabbits Hunting: The Basics of Keeping Rabbits Safe While They Hunt


Rabbits are one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are soft, cuddly, and have been domesticated for centuries. However, many people ask whether rabbits hunt in the wild or not.

Rabbit’s Natural Instincts

Yes, rabbits do hunt! The truth is that even though they look friendly and docile as pets, they possess natural instincts to kill their prey when in the wild. Although hunting isn’t a significant part of their diet like carnivores such as lions or tigers, they need to protect themselves from predators by using their sharp teeth and claws when necessary.

Hunting Techniques Used by Rabbits

When it comes to hunting techniques used by rabbits, there are two main methods: ambush and running down prey. Ambush hunting involves waiting quietly until an unsuspecting animal comes close enough before pouncing on its prey with lightning speed. Running down prey means chasing after it at high speed until finally capturing it with quick reflexes.

What Do Rabbits Hunt?

In terms of what rabbits hunt for food or survival purposes in the wild; they usually feed on plants such as grasses and shrubs rather than other animals. However, if needed, small rodents like mice might become fair game for them – although this is rare because rabbits prefer plant-based diets over meat ones.


In conclusion – contrary to popular belief – yes! Rabbits do hunt both for protection against predators as well as food requirements sometimes too (though very rarely). This highlights how important understanding wildlife behavior can be not only in terms of our own safety but also ensuring harmony within nature itself where every species has a role to play!