Turkey Hunting 101: Do You Need a Plug for Successful Hunts?

Why do you need a plug for turkey hunting?

When it comes to turkey hunting, using a shotgun is one of the most popular methods. However, federal regulations require hunters to use shotguns with plugged magazines. This is because unplugged shotguns can hold more shells than allowed by law, increasing the risk of over-hunting and endangering wildlife populations.

What is a shotgun plug?

A shotgun plug or magazine limiter is an insert that goes into the magazine tube to reduce its capacity. It limits the number of shells that can be loaded in the gun at any given time and restricts it to no more than three rounds, including one in the chamber. This ensures compliance with legal requirements and promotes ethical hunting practices.

How do you install a shotgun plug?

Installing a shotgun plug may vary depending on your firearm’s make and model, but generally involves removing the end cap from your magazine tube using pliers or a wrench and sliding in the plug until it reaches near enough flush with your barrel’s muzzle end. You should then replace your end cap after ensuring that everything fits correctly.
If you are unsure about how to install your particular gun’s specific type of limiters, seek advice from an experienced hunter or firearms dealer before attempting modification yourself.

What happens if I don’t use a shotgun plug during turkey season?

Hunting without legally required equipment could result in hefty fines or even criminal charges; therefore failing to comply with this regulation while out on hunts could lead to serious trouble not just for yourself but also for other members involved like outfitters who sponsor such expeditions. Besides complying with regulations – remember responsible behavior around firearms helps protect both people as well as wildlife alike!